Not-for-Profit, Member Owned

On November 28th, 1956, ten local educators founded Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union with a vision for a better way to bank. Since then, we’ve grown into a leading not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution on the strength of our mission and vision to strengthen the community.

Today, membership is open to individuals who either live, work, worship or go to school in Harris County or parts of Waller County, as well as to anyone who has immediate family who are currently members of Cy-Fair FCU.

[{Our Mission}]Our Mission

To be the key partner on your financial journey.

[{Our Vision}]Our Vision for our Members

We anticipate and deliver unique solutions for our diverse and growing membership.

We provide member service and products, and business practices so that we unlock and cultivate our members' financial future.

Our Vision for our Community

We are a catalyst for active involvement, outreach and development in the community.

We engage and support the communities we serve.

Our History

Our Heart

Our Favorite Memories

[{Our History}]Our Past, Present & Future

The Next Steps: 1977-1993

After 20 years, Cy-Fair FCU had grown large enough to purchase land in Jersey Village and build a 1,500-square-foot branch. Even with growth, the credit union maintained a close relationship with the employees of the school district.

Today And Tomorrow: 2013-2023

At the beginning of 2013, long-time credit union veteran Cameron Dickey became Cy-Fair FCU’s third president and CEO. He has brought with him a bold, 10-year plan to grow membership and enhance products and services.

Today, Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union services anyone who lives, works, attends school, or worships in Harris County or the following five zip codes of Waller County -- 77423, 77445, 77484, 77446, 77447.

Evolution and progress is an important of who we are. And over 60 years, we’re proud to have evolved from 10 educators banking from an office in a school to a major financial institution serving more than 20,000 members.

But even in that change, the most important qualities about us have remained the same: visionary, stable and trustworthy leadership; a personal commitment to each member’s financial well-being; and an unwavering sense of responsibility to strengthen our schools, neighborhoods, and community.

The Beginning: 1956-1976

In 1956, 10 lifelong local educators chose to put customer needs first and make a positive difference in their community. So they pooled their money and opened a credit union inside Cy-Fair High School. Soon the group began offering small loans to Cy-Fair ISD employees and eventually donated an office on school grounds – the credit union’s first official location.

The Expansion: 1994-2012

In 1994, Debbie Blackshear took over as president and set her sights on growing the credit union. In nine short years, between 1994 and 2003, total assets doubled—from $50 million to $100 million. During the same period, membership grew from 10,000 to 17,424.