[{About}]About CFFCU’s Community Advisory Committee

Cy-Fair FCU’s Community Advisory Committee is made up of volunteers from around the community, as well as within Cy-Fair FCU. Each quarter the committee meets to review donation and sponsorship requests.  By the end of the meeting, the committee comes to an agreed upon decision for each request, determining whether to approve or decline, as well as what level of support will be provided to those approved.

[{Why}]Why Utilize a Community Advisory Committee?

Unfortunately, with the high volume of requests, we cannot always meet every request.  As a result, Cy-Fair FCU utilizes a Community Advisory Committee to help us carefully review each request and determine how to best allocate our community sponsorship funds. Utilizing volunteers from the community also helps ensure we have good representation of additional perspectives outside of our organization to make better informed decisions.

[{Factors}]Factors the Committee Considers

The committee considers the following in granting a charitable contributions:

  • Total funds requested

  • Planned use of those funds

  • Who the funds will benefit, how it will benefit them and why is that important

  • What relevancy and impact there is for the communities Cy-Fair FCU serves

  • In what manner the organization operates (eg - charitable, recreational, educational or other fulfillment of general welfare needs of the community)

Interested in Being Part of Our Community Advisory Committee?

The committee typically only meets once each quarter, with occasional email communications in between meetings.  If you are interested in being a volunteer on this committee, please fill out our form below.


Request Donation / Sponsorship

If you are with an organization seeking a donation or sponsorship, you may make your request by following the link below.