Our community isn’t just who we serve, it’s who we are. And we’re always challenging ourselves to do better.

In 2013, we launched our Community Only Better Initiative—a 10-year, $500,000.00 pledge to invest in organizations and causes that strengthen our community. Each year since 2013, we’ve surpassed our $50,000.00 annual giving goal, contributing $293,139.00  in 2018, and a total of $260,966.00 since the launch.

Community Only Better goes beyond financial support. Our paid community hours policy allows employees to focus on empowering and improving where they live. And just last year, those motivated employees logged 1,331 of community service hours worth an estimated $33,695.00.


Community Involvement Hours

Worth an estimated $33,695


Worth Of Scholarships

$196,000 benefiting 196 CFISD students over the life of the program.




Invested Back into the Community in 2018!

[{Social Responsibility}]Social Responsibility Program

We’re your partner on your financial journey and because of that, we want to improve as much of our members’ day-to-day lives as possible. Our Social Responsibility Program takes a holistic approach to community impact, so where you live can be as strong as where you bank.

This program includes:

  • Monetary support and ongoing financial counsel to our local partners

  • Additional fundraising for our partners’ work—School Spirit Debit Cards help raise funds for a local school of choice, and a credit card program that generates donations from a certain percentage of each transaction to local non-profits

  • Encouraging staff and members to support partner organizations with their time, money and skills

  • An employer match for employee nonprofit donations

  • Promoting financial, social and environmental stewardship across our credit union—such as minimizing the environmental impact of our current and future branches

[{The Numbers}]By the Numbers

Where you come from matters. We started with educators wanting to make a difference - so now we do our best to make a difference for educators. This starts with our $1.5 million partnership with Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, which provides $150,000.00 annually in financial support for the school district’s operating budget.

Our sponsorship can fund up to three classroom salaries each year, and will help continue student-enriching programs like art, theater, music, history, and debate.

Our support also includes:

  • $664,000.00 to the school district in direct financial contributions

  • $185,000.00 worth of scholarships to 190 high school seniors to help pay for higher education

  • Thousands of dollars in classroom improvements through our annual Extreme Classroom Makeover initiative.

  • Two years of mortgage payments ($48,000 total) and a New Car Giveaway ($15,000.00 total) to outstanding educators as part of our Spotlight Teacher Giveaways

In 2018 alone, we gave more than $293,139.00 worth of financial support into local organizations and people that benefit our education community.