Extreme Classroom Makeover

Extreme Makeover - Classroom Edition


Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for our Extreme Classroom Makeover competition.
We are very proud of the effort CFISD teachers put into their work to create effective, stimulating learning environments for the children of our community. We thank each of you for your hard work and devotion!

Our Community Advisory Committee, made up of volunteers, spent hours reading and discussing the applications. There are so many we would love to help that we have included runner-up awards this year.


All winners and runners-up have been notified and presented their checks.


Winners were revealed and presented during CFISD's Teacher RRR Conference the week of August 12-16.
Here are our winners and runners-up:

The selected $500 winners work at the following schools:

  • Sarah Yeppez - Francone
  • Lyndsey Whorley - Aragon
  • Paula Beltran - Cypress Falls


The selected $150 runners-up work at the following schools:

  • Julia Hopper-Novell - Ault
  • Kellye Kaspar - Smith
  • Liz Starr - Jersey Village


Again, thank you to all the applicants.
We encourage you to please submit an application when we reopen this in the Spring of 2020!