As a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution, credit unions elect officials who volunteer their time and talent to serve the credit union.

At the heart of the credit union difference is our volunteer board of directors. Unlike for-profit banks, credit unions are governed by members just like you... real people who are committed to bettering your financial lives. 

The Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union Board and Committee members are nominated from the membership at large, and voted on by the members at the annual meeting.  We are proud to have a devoted group of members serving on the Board. They meet no less than once a month and have a commitment to make certain the credit union provides valuable products and services to our membership.

[{Board Of Directors}]Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union Board of Directors

[{Supervisory Committee}]Supervisory Committee

Cy-Fair FCU’s Supervisory Committee is appointed by the board to ensure that written policies are established and followed, and that financial records are accurate. All are unpaid volunteers and Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union members who donate their time and expertise to make CFFCU one of Texas’ best financial institutions.