School Association & Non-Profit Accounts

Keep More of Your Own Money!

What Matters Most Is Your Organization's Purpose

High monthly account fees and limits on deposits can hinder your full achievement of that purpose.  With that in mind, Cy-Fair FCU has developed an account specifically for Non-Profits and School Associations!

  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • No Deposit Item Limits
  • Minimum $25 Checking Account balance required
  • Minimum $5 Savings Account balance required
  • Debit Card

The Following is Required to Open One of These Accounts:

  • Valid ID for ALL Signers
  • The organization’s Taxpayer Identification Number (or Employer ID Number – EIN).  
    If you don’t have one yet, you will need to do this through the IRS.
  • Resolution of Lodge, Association or other Similar Organization - An in-house form which authorizes the Credit Union to open the account.  One or two of its elected officials or representatives can sign the resolution.
  • By-LawsA charter which outlines the purpose of the organization.  If not available, obtain a letter of purpose.
  • Latest MinutesObtain the organization’s latest minutes that lists current officers.


*School Association & Non-Profit Accounts are only available for non-profit and school association organizations able to provide the requested documentation. These accounts are not eligible for overdraft privilege, do not earn dividends, and are not eligible for lending products, such as credit cards. Normal penalties apply. See a CFFCU representative for full details.


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