Stone Creek Move

Our Stone Creek location on 529 has moved down the road.

New Location: 7060 Highway 6, Houston, TX 77095 (Copperfield)

At the intersection of Highway 6 and 529, in front of Best Buy and Barnes & Noble.


Why This Location?
Improved visibility and convenience to retail, cost savings and a more efficient, innovative facility…

We chose this new location due to its proximity to shopping, dining, groceries and other retail options that make it more convenient for members to drop in while running errands. The location is simple to get to, and if you need to cross over traffic, the light at Glen Chase Drive provides you a protected entrance into and exit out of the shopping center on both the Hwy 6 side and the 529 side.

In addition, there is a cost savings benefit we discovered by moving to this new location and selling the Stone Creek location.  Currently, the Stone Creek building and land are listed for sale.  Our Member Call Center will continue operations in the Stone Creek building until we are able to relocate them to our Jones Road corporate office.

What we are most excited about is that the new financial center has been designed to produce a more efficient and innovative facility with Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), a quick and convenient drive-thru, and several consultation rooms equipped for better financial collaboration. 

We invite each of you to come check it out, and join us for a celebration on February 21st, 22nd and 23rd.  We’ll have refreshments, prizes and great product promotional offers only available at our new Copperfield Financial Center during that celebration!