Mobile Wallet

Pay directly from your mobile device

Mobile wallet provides a convenient, secure way to digitally store debit or credit cards in order to make purchases using your mobile phone.

You can sync the following Cy-Fair FCU credit and debit cards with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, & Google Pay:

  • All Cy-Fair FCU MasterCard Debit Cards
  • CFFCU Day & Night Platinum Credit Cards

Unfortunately our CFFCU Visa Platinum Credit Cards are not included. We encourage all Cy-Fair FCU Visa Platinum Card holders to switch over to our Cy-Fair FCU Day & Night Platinum MasterCard. Not only will our Cy-Fair FCU Day & Night credit cards sync with mobile pay, they also offer much better perks!


Is it Secure?

When you make a purchase, your mobile wallet platform uses a device-specific number and unique transaction code assigned through a process called tokenization. This safeguards your information and ensures that your card number is never stored on your device so that your account details cannot be cloned, preventing fraud. This also means your actual card numbers are not stored with the merchant.


How To Set Up Mobile Wallet:

  1. Check to see if your Apple, Samsung or other Android device already has a mobile wallet app built into your device. If not, download the mobile wallet app from their app store.
  2. Follow the mobile wallet app’s step by step instructions to add your credit or debit card. It’s usually only a few short steps.
  3. At the end you may be required to call the number displayed on the app to verify your card and complete the set up.
  4. You should then receive a notice that set up was successful and then you’re ready to use your card!


How To Use Mobile Wallet:

  1. Check that the merchant payment terminal you are at accepts mobile payments.
    You should see one of the following symbols:
    Mobile Pay Icons
  2. Open your mobile wallet app (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android and Google Pay) using the secure method you selected when setting up your mobile wallet app, such as Touch or Facial ID.
  3. Hold your phone near the screen reader & that’s it!