Loan Calculators

This tool is for illustrative purposes and we have provided this solely as a convenience for you to estimate payments based on your assumptions for term, rate, and loan amount. Your actual payments may differ from the payments provided by this calculator as a result of using different loan terms, rates, and loan amounts based on our pricing and underwriting policies and procedures. You will receive your actual rate once you have applied for a loan. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information provided by this calculator, and we have no obligation to match your terms to the terms provided by this calculator.


*APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. Rates depend on the individual\'s credit score and key loan characteristics, including amount, term, vehicle age. A representative example of payment terms are as follows: a loan amount of $16,000 with an APR of 3.70% and a term of 60 months, with a $2,000 down payment and a credit score of 660 would have a monthly payment of $256.00.