EMV Card

What is an EMV card and how does it work? An EMV card looks just like a standard-size plastic debit or credit card. In addition to the typical magnetic strip, a microchip is also embedded in the card that encrypts information related to your financial transactions for enhanced security. You can use your chip card to conduct transactions at any chip-enabled terminal. 


Are EMV cards secure? Yes. EMV chip card technology is the highest level of Debit and Credit Security available. The embedded chip allows for enhanced security because it can more accurately determine a card’s authenticity at the time of transaction and is difficult to counterfeit or copy. While chip cards help reduce certain kinds of fraud related to data breaches, they cannot prevent data breaches from occurring or all fraudulent criminal activity.


How do I use my EMV debit card? For retailers with chip-enabled terminals, simply insert your chip card face up in the terminal, where it will remain until the transaction is processed. A series of easy-to-use prompts will instruct you for each step. If a retailer is not yet enable to process chip cards, simply swipe your card as you normally do. Transactions conducted over the phone or online remain the same. To register your card for MasterCard SecureCode and give yourself an additional layer of online shopping security please visit the MasterCard® SecureCode website.

*Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union and MasterCard® SecureCode are separate entities.


Will I be able to withdrawal money from an ATM with an EMV card? Absolutely. Simply follow the instructions provided at the ATM.