Interactive Teller Machines


More Efficient Service

Cy-Fair FCU is committed to putting the latest in technological advancements into the hands of our members. With the implementation of our new ITM machines, members are now experiencing quicker drive-thru transactions. This new technology is allowing us to better serve you, and we want to continue that trend. 

Extended Drive-Thru Hours

We are happy to announce new extended drive-thru hours for all branches.

  • Mon. - Fri. = 8 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturdays = 9 AM to 3 PM

If you have any questions, please contact our Member Resource Center at 888.890.7676 or email us at You may also review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to learn more about our ITMs.


Interactive Teller Machine FAQs

What is an Interactive Teller Machine?

An Interactive Teller Machines (ITM) looks like an ATM, the difference is that you can have a real time, face-to-face conversation with a Cy-Fair FCU Interactive Video Teller. Using video cameras, your image is transmitted to the Interactive Video Teller located at our centralized location. Cameras and speakers at our centralized location transmit the Interactive Video Teller image back to you. The Interactive Video Teller can guide you through every step of your transaction and answer questions about your accounts.


Are my transactions secure?

When speaking with an Interactive Video Teller through the ITM, your transaction is as secure as if you were doing a face-to-face transaction. They are processed exactly the same way. You will be asked to scan in your ID for proper identification, and a digital signature may be required to authorize your transaction request.


Why is Cy-Fair FCU using Interactive Teller technology?

At Cy-Fair FCU, we are always looking for ways to use new technology to simplify and improve the services needed by our members. Interactive Teller Machines provide you with greater convenience, just as when we introduced Online Banking and Mobile Banking. You will now be able to do your banking at non-traditional times or experience faster in-branch banking at busy times of the day by accessing a live, remote Interactive Video Teller. Since there are no envelopes or deposit slips to complete, the service will be faster.  Consider Interactive Video Tellers as our Express Lane.


What can I do at the interactive video teller machine?

Almost every transaction you can do with a face-to-face teller can be done through the Interactive Teller Machines (ITM). You can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments, cash checks, and more! There are no envelopes or forms to fill out. Plus, a copy of the check will print on the back of your receipt. Please note that our ITMs cannot accept coins.


Is there a delay when I use a Interactive Video Teller?

No, your account will be updated in real-time just as it would be at the teller line or drive-up. If you are unsure about the availability of your money, just ask your Interactive Video Teller during the transaction.


What happens when I cash a check or make a deposit through the Interactive Teller Machine?

Depositing cash or cashing a check through Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) is as easy as doing it with a teller inside our branch office. There are no envelopes needed, you insert the check or cash directly into the deposit slot. For cash, the machine reads and counts each bill and displays the deposit amount on screen for verification. When depositing or cashing a check, an image of your check will appear on screen. You tell the Interactive Video Teller what you would like to do next... deposit, receive cash back, make a payment, etc. Everything is displayed on screen to ensure accuracy. At the end of your transaction, a reduced image of your check is printed on your receipt for your records.


Are the remote video tellers Cy-Fair FCU employees?

Yes, our video tellers who we refer to as Interactive Video Tellers are Cy-Fair FCU employees, working from our Main Office at 9601 Jones Road, Houston, Texas. In fact, you may recognize our Interactive Video Tellers from your visits to any of our three branches. 


What makes Cy-Fair FCU video tellers unique?

When you manage your finances through our unique service machines, you get all the benefits of a drive-thru teller and an ATM. Members can ask an Interactive Video Teller a question if they have a problem or specific need, cash a check, make a deposit: all of your typical teller transactions

It's not just a self-service option like an ATM or our Internet banking. So, if they have a more pressing need and they need help beyond what they can get from a self-service channel, we have an Interactive Video Teller available to them.

Sometimes you not only require the convenience of our Mobile, ATM and online banking solutions, but also the one-to-one customer service that can only be offered by one of our Interactive Video Tellers.