About Us

Not-for-Profit, Member Owned

Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution. Members of this credit union elect a volunteer board of directors from within the membership to provide oversight in maximizing the benefit of Cy-Fair FCU to its members. As a not-for-profit, Cy-Fair FCU provides a safe place to save and borrow at low cost and reasonable rates.

Membership is open to individuals who either live, work, worship or go to school in Harris County or parts of Waller County, as well as open to anyone who has immediate family who are currently members of Cy-Fair FCU.


Our Mission Statement

To be the key partner on your financial journey.


Our Vision for our Members.

WE anticipate and deliver unique solutions for our diverse and growing membership.

WE provide member service and products, and business practices so that we unlock and cultivate our members' financial future.


Our Vision for our Community.

WE are a catalyst for active involvement, outreach and development in the community.

WE engage and support the communities we serve.


Our Founding

On November 28th, 1956, ten local educators envisioned a better way to bank, founding Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union. Starting out with a few volunteers who housed deposits out of a desk drawer in Cy-Fair High School, Cy-Fair FCU has since grown into a leading financial institution in the community.

Though many things have changed in the last 60 years, Cy-Fair FCU still holds to our founders’ vision of commitment to the financial wellbeing of our members, as well as an unwavering sense of responsibility to strengthen our schools, neighborhoods, and community.

Please enjoy the videos below from our 60th anniversary, exploring the history of Cy-Fair FCU and our commitment to the Cy-Fair Community through personal stories.


Our History


Our Heart


Our Favorite Memories



A Look Through the Years


BACK IN THE DAY: 1956-1976

In 1956, 10 life-long local educators envisioned a better way to bank. They wanted to put customer needs first and make a positive difference in their community. So they pooled their money and opened a credit union inside Cy-Fair High School.

The credit union needed a manager, so Forest Arnold, one of the high school teachers, assumed the role. Melva Witt, the school’s secretary, became the credit union’s secretary and treasurer, accepting approximately five deposits a week. Soon the group began offering small loans to Cy-Fair ISD employees and eventually donated an office on school grounds called the Reo Annex– the credit unions first official location.


After 20 years, Cy-Fair FCU had grown large enough to purchase land in Jersey Village and build a 1,500-square-foot branch in 1977. While teachers launched the business, Bubba Willbern, Personnel Manager for Cy-Fair ISD, and his wife Pat Willbern gave their own time and effort to help the credit union grow. Bubba designed the new building, and Pat became the first paid credit union manager.

Even with growth, the credit union maintained a close relationship with the employees of the school district. When Cy-Fair ISD employees knew they couldn’t get to the credit union during business hours, they would simply call the credit union. An employee would cut them a check, place it in an envelope with their name on it, and leave it under the “welcome” mat. Members could drop by later and pick up their checks.

Pat’s visionary leadership guided the organization through a period of significant transition: credit card offerings in 1986 and purchased the larger headquarters One Steeplechase Building in 1989. The purchase of the Drive-Thru at Ranchstone followed in 1992.


When Pat retired in 1994, Debbie Blackshear took over as president. She began her career at the credit union as a receptionist/teller just 10 years earlier—working her way up to Vice President of Lending. Debbie set her sights on growing the credit union. In nine short years, between 1994 and 2003, total assets doubled—from $50 million to $100 million. During the same period, membership grew from 10,000 to 17,424.

Debbie remained President and CEO for 18 years until her retirement in 2012. Cy-Fair FCU experienced dramatic change and growth: debit cards in 1997, a second branch at Stone Creek in 1999 to serve more members and strengthen community presence, a Rewards Debit Program in 2002, and the Courtesy Pay Program in 2004 to assist members with overdraft protection.

In 2005, the National Credit Union Association granted Cy-Fair FCU a community charter, allowing it to expand service to those who “live, work, worship, volunteer or attend school” within Cy-Fair ISD boundaries and parts of Waller County. After nearly 50 years of serving school district employees exclusively, it was time to serve the larger community. In 2008, Cy-Fair FCU expanded its branch footprint by adding a 3rd location at Skinner Rd.

A NEW ERA: 2013-2023

At the beginning of 2013, long-time credit union veteran Cameron Dickey became Cy-Fair FCU’s third president and CEO. He has brought with him a bold, 10-year plan to grow membership, enhance products and services, and become the financial institution of choice for local households and businesses. In 2014, with a fresh new look and logo, Cy-Fair FCU launched one of the first Academic Calendar apps for Apple and Google mobile devices in the country to help CFISD teachers, students, and families to stay connected and up to date with events in the district.  Additionally, the credit union unveiled its “Community Only Better” initiative, a $500,000, 10-year pledge to the schools, small businesses, and students of Cy-Fair.  

In early 2017, the National Credit Union Association granted Cy-Fair FCU an expansion of service beyond the previous set boundaries of Cy-Fair ISD and parts of Waller County.  Today, Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union now services anyone who lives, works, attends school, or worships in Harris County or the following five zip codes of Waller County -- 77423, 77445, 77484, 77446, 77447.  

A lot has changed over the past 60 years. Cy-Fair FCU has evolved from a handful of employees with a few dollars to a major financial institution serving more than 20,000 members. The most important things have remained the same: visionary, stable leadership you can trust; a personal commitment to each member’s financial wellbeing; and an unwavering sense of responsibility to strengthen our schools, neighborhoods, and community.

For 60 years, Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union has walked with their members through key life events, and helping them unlock their needs today and their hopes for tomorrow.