Additional Credit Cards Appearing in My Account

Are You Noticing an Additional Credit Card Appearing in your Account?

If Not, the following likely does not apply to your card.

If So, here's why...


Earlier this summer we sent out letters to cardholders of our old credit card product informing those cardholders we would be discontinuing that product and replacing their card with our new Day / Night Platinum Credit Card product.


For a short period of time, if you are a cardholder of our old credit card product, you will see 2 card products in your account. One is the old card that will expire 10/18/18, and will be removed from your account shortly after that date. The other is your replacement card, which is scheduled to arrive by the end of the month.


Please make sure to activate your new card upon arrival. The new cards are equipped with an EMV chip and significant enhancements to your cardholder benefits. You can learn more about the card here. As stated above, the old cards will expire 10/18/18.


Contact us if you have any further questions.